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F ormed in 1993 as a Division of Specialty Adhesive Film, our Mission has always been to provide the highest-quality Mudflaps for tow trucks, emergency vehicles, tractor-trucks and semi-trailers. Headquartered in Aurora, Indiana, with a second manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas to serve our West Coast customers, USA Flap offers one of the largest selections of Mudflaps & Accessories in the Aftermarket.

We have been awarded 2 USA patents for the materials and manufacturing processes used to make Reflective Mud Flaps. Today, we have 2 plants in Indiana and Southern Nevada that serve as wholesale distribution centers for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We pledge to provide our clients with exceptional service — before and after the sale — and continued commitment to innovation, technology, and low prices.

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Our Team

John Mahn


Joan Coyle

Nevada Plant Manager

JR Draper

Marketing Director

Michael Mahn

Senior Account Manager

Cole Haugh

Indiana Plant Manager

Virginia Kramer

Graphic Design Supervisor

Bob Engels


Jenifer Ketenbrink

Customer Service Supervisor

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Graphic Design Center

Using your existing logo, sketch or digital image, our in-house graphic artists will design your artwork onto our heavy-duty PolyGuard (plastic) or RubberGuard Mudflaps. Our Reflective products are unique in that the graphics are heat-sealed into the Mud Flaps, giving the colors a bright and vividly reflective appearance at night. Tow trucks, emergency vehicles and first-responders will appreciate the added visibility and safety this offers them. Stock Block Letters are Hot Stamped (with no order minimums or ‘Die Charges’) for the most cost-effective way to advertise your company name, telephone number, hometown and/or website on a pair of Mudflaps.

Call us today for a complimentary proof of your logo or digital image and see what tens of thousands of passerbyers will see as they follow behind your semi-trailer. If you need help creating a high-quality logo or other artwork, we offer in-house graphic design services at a reasonable price (3 proofs for $10). Our experienced graphic artists will help you create the perfect logo for your business. Personalized Mudflaps speak a thousand words per mile, so let yours be a conversation-starter today.

Company Facts

Family Owned Since 1977

Official Name

USA Flap

Our Products

Custom Mud Flaps | Heat Transfer Fabrics | Specialty Adhesives

Service Areas

Nationwide | Local (Will Call) Pickup Available in North Las Vegas, NV & Aurora, IN


“Graphic Designs on Mud Flaps”


“Easiest Way To Buy Mud Flaps Online”


Commonly asked questions about our business.

Q: When was USA Flap formed?

A: Formed in 1993 as a Division of Specialty Adhesive Film, USA Flap has been an industry leader in quality, durability and innovation since its inception. Our corporate headquarters is located in Aurora, IN, with a second manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas, NV. Both locations offer Will Call pickup between the hours of 8:30a–4:30p ET (M–F).

Q: How Was USA Flap Started?

A: The idea to manufacture Reflective Mud Flaps originally came from a project that our parent company — Specialty Adhesive Film — had been working on. Our Engineering Team had developed a reflective printing process that could be heat-pressed onto fire-resistant fabrics, uniforms, hats and other wearable safety items. While demonstrating this new reflective process at a fire station, it was noticed that their emergency vehicle fleet was without any reflective safety markings on the Mud Flaps. Soon after, our Engineering Team began to experiment with a multitude of different adhesives that could stick to rubber and polyethylene plastic sheeting, which are the primary materials used to manufacture Mudflaps. The adhesives and reflective processes developed are proprietary to USA Flap, protected as trade secrets and USA patents have been issued. Specialty Adhesive Film formed USA Flap shortly thereafter for the purposes of marketing the finished product. Today, millions of tow trucks, emergency vehicles and semi-trucks utilize Reflective Mud Flaps for safety and advertising purposes.

Q: What Is USA Flap’s Primary Business?

A: USA Flap is in the business of selling plain (ak.a. Blanks) and customizable Mudflaps for the commercial transportation industry. We have been awarded 2 USA patents for the materials and processes used to make Reflective Mud Flaps for tow trucks, emergency vehicles, safety-minded drivers, and advertising interests.

Q: How Many Employees Work For USA Flap?

A: Specialty Adhesive Film employs 43 people and counting. If you are interested in working for USA Flap at our plant in Indiana or Nevada, please contact Bob Engels, head of Human Resources.

Q: How Many Types of Mud Flaps Do You Sell?

A: USA Flap sells two types of Mud Flaps — PolyGuard (plastic) or RubberGuard — that can be customized in a number of different ways. Your order can be personalized with Reflective or Hot Stamp processes, Stock Block Letters and in-house Stock Stamp graphics, rounded cuts, angled corners, Stainless Steel Mudflap Weights and special order colors.

Q: Does USA Flap Price Match The Competition?

A: We work hard to keep our prices competitive. Costs are based on quantity, size, style and workmanship, and our prices can change over time and without notice. Therefore, without exception, USA Flap does not “price match” or offer post-purchase price adjustments. However, you may inform us of a lower price on a comparable item by calling us toll-free at 1-888-USA-FLAP 8:00 AM–5:30 PM ET (M–F).

Q: How Do I Submit A Comment or Idea For The Website?

A: We try to do everything possible to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase, and we welcome your comments, feedback and ideas. Please call our Customer Service Representatives toll-free at 1-888-USA-FLAP 8:00a–5:30p ET (M–F).

Q: How can I become an authorized reseller of USA Flap products?

A: Orders for USA Flap’s products can only be placed directly from us — the manufacturer. Our direct-to-consumer model has been proven successful over the years, so why change what isn’t broken? However, if you’re a middleman with a large order, call us and let’s talk. If there’s room for us both at the table, we’re open to discussing it.

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Our Locations

USA Flap has 2 warehouses for fast delivery. Local pickup is available 8:30a–4:30p ET (M–F).

Aurora Plant

Specialty Adhesive Film Co.
c/o USA Flap Division
10510 Randall Avenue
Aurora, IN 47001

Phone: (812) 926-0324
Fax: (812) 926-0192

North Las Vegas Plant

Specialty Adhesive Film Co.
c/o USA Flap Division
1914 Mendenhall Drive
North Las Vegas, NV 89081

Phone: (888) USA-FLAP
Fax: (702) 644-0530

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Our Hours:
8:00 AM—5:30 PM
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