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USA Flap is a family-owned business with 25+ years of manufacturing experience. Our Mission is to provide the best quality Custom Mud Flaps for semi-trucks, trailers, emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and all manner of commercial vehicles. Using your logo, sketch or digital image, our in-house graphic artists will design your company’s logo onto our Heavy-Duty Mud Flaps — available in Poly-Rubber (plastic-rubber blend) or PolyGuard (plastic). Our proprietary Reflective Mud Flaps are unique in that graphics are heat-sealed onto the flaps, giving the colors a bright and vividly reflective appearance at night. Tow trucks, emergency vehicles and first-responders will appreciate the added visibility and safety this offers them. Our simple Stock Letters can be used to permanently Hot Stamp your personal message or company name onto a pair of semi-truck or tractor-trailer Mud Flaps, or you can purchase Blank Mud Flaps directly online.

Competitors may try to convince you of their silk-screen printing method. Silk-screening is a low-cost solution that produces unreliable prints that don’t hold up long-term. We have perfected the Hot Stamp & Reflective processes for developing permanent designs. Our multiple U.S. patents prove our expertise. All work is completed in-house, which allows us to serve our customers’ needs from A-to-Z in a timely manner. Custom orders are usually processed & shipped within 5 to 7 weeks’ time. Contact Us for a complimentary proof today.

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We sell Blank Flaps with no order minimums & Custom Hot Stamp or Reflective designs for those wanting to promote their company logo/brand.

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We have been awarded multiple U.S. patents for the materials and methods used to make Reflective Mud Flaps, which are perfect for tow trucks, emergency vehicles & safety-minded drivers. Reflective Foils adhere to Poly-Rubber Blanks only. Hot Stamp designs can be imprinted on Poly-Plastic or Poly-Rubber Blanks, but require a magnesium die (sold separately). Both Reflective & Hot Stamp methods are equally durable. Contact our friendly staff at (888) 872-3527 with any pre-sale questions.

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We’ve made thousands of Custom Mud Flap designs for large & small businesses. Browse this Example Gallery for inspiration. Whenever you’re ready, click the “Request Quote” button. We’d love the opportunity to present you with an artwork proof & exact prices. Response time is 1 or 2 business days. Please allow up to 3 to 5 business days for artwork proofs. All requests for prices, proofs & production are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. NOTE: Artwork & Setup Fees may apply to place an order.

Image of Custom Mud Flap for GatorChef
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Anderson Plumbing
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Big Apple Masonry Supply
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Midwest Polishing
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Merritt Trucking
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Trail-Eze
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Green Earth Power Washing
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Peaker Energy
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Karr Landscapes
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Artisan Construction Servicees
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Safari Towing
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Universal Trailer
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Amtek Electric
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Jernigan & Sons Trucking
Image of Custom Mud Flap for TTi Speed Shop
Image of Custom Mud Flap for West Fork Enterprises
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Southwest Tow Operators
Image of Custom Mud Flap for Tric Towing

• Facts & FAQs •

We make Mud Flaps for Semi Trucks & Commercial Vehicles that can be ordered plain (as ‘Blanks’) or customized with graphics and/or text. Our in-house artists can create a new logo from scratch, or you can choose Block Letters to add text (ex. Business Name & Phone). Constructed from a blend of recycled rubber & polyethylene, featuring anti-sail technology to reduce road spray and protect your commercial truck in all weather conditions. Sold in pairs. No order minimums. Includes pre-drilled, universal-fit holes for easy installation.

Why Buy Custom Mudflaps?

You’re already hauling loads on roadways, so why not advertise your company’s logo with colorful, Custom Mud Flaps and watch your brand visibility increase? We can customize the size, shape, color(s), text & mounting holes to your exact specifications. If you need assistance with logo creation or other design ideas, please request a quote by Submitting A Contact Form. NOTE: Unfortunately, we are unable to do gradient images at this time.

What Products Do We Sell?

We sell two types of Mud Flaps — PolyGuard (Plastic) or RubberGuard (Petroleum-based, Poly-Rubber Blend) — which can be ordered as “Blanks” or customized in a number of different ways. Your order can be personalized with Reflective or Hot Stamp imprint methods, embellished with Stock Block Letters or in-house Stock Stamp Graphics + optional rounded cuts, angled corners and/or Stainless Steel Mudflap Weights.

Minimum Order Requirements?

Absolutely not. Mud Flaps are sold AS PAIRS (never individually), but you may request only ONE PAIR. An exception to this is our PolyGuard Blanks, which are “Special Order” items available in red, blue, purple, yellow, and maroon colors. Minimum order of 125 pairs for non-standard colors. NOTE: Requests for fewer than 10 pairs may result in a $10/pair surcharge.

How Much $$$ Does ‘Custom’ Cost?

Depending on the quantity ordered, prices can range from $20 to $295 per pair. We can customize the size, shape, color(s), text & mounting hole position to your exact specifications. If you need help with creating a logo or other design ideas, please request a quote by Submitting A Contact Form. NOTE: We are unable to do gradient images at this time.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Orders?

We are very proud of our lead times, which we believe to be the fastest in the Industry. Usually, we can have your entire order shipped within 2 to 3 weeks. Your order may arrive in separate packages. Quoted delivery times are based on the estimated date of shipment, and actual shipping dates may vary. Handling Fees: There is a $2.50 per box charge for handling, not to exceed $5 per order.

Note About COVID Delays: Shutdowns in response to COVID-19 have caused worldwide shortages of raw rubber & petroleum-based synthetic rubber. Our Mudflaps — PolyGuard & Poly-Rubber — are made from a blend of petrol-based ingredients, including synthetic rubber. As of October 2021, we are averaging 4 to 6 week delivery times. We’re sourcing as much material from reliable, eco-friendly suppliers & extruding as quickly as our machines allow. We believe these extended lead times are temporary. Please have patience as we process our backlog of requests & new orders are added to the production queue on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do The Mudflaps Fit All Commercial Trucks?

We make universal-fit products (24″ x 24″, 24″ x 30″, 24″ x 36″) for use on “big rig” tractor trailers like Kenworth, Mack, Freightliner, International & Peterbilt, as well as custom sizes for pickup trucks, recreational vehicles (RVs) and tow trucks. Please Submit A Quote Request for pricing. Please measure your vehicle’s mounting area before you Call or Email as it will ensure the most accurate quote.

What Purpose Do Mudflaps & Weights Serve?

Mud Flaps (a.k.a. Splash Guards, Mud Guards) are rectangular sheets of rubber (Poly-Rubber) or plastic (PolyGuard) that attach to the rear fender of the truck, behind the tires, to protect the undercarriage — as well as other vehicles — from road debris (including rain and snow) picked up by the rotating tires. For this reason, almost every state mandates the use of heavy-duty Mudflaps on commercial trucks & trailers. Stainless Steel Weights add style & stability to hold the flaps down for better performance. NOTE: Weights can be also be personalized.

I Don’t Have A Logo. Can I Use Block Letters Only?

Our full-time, in-house graphic designers are fully capable of creating a custom logo for your business. Or, if you prefer a simple & cost-effective solution to your Custom Mud Flap needs, choose Block Letters and stock graphics. No “Die Charge” required. Setup & Artwork Fees may apply.

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